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The Titan is a Terraforming Seed Ship capable of creating an entire planet; a new home for Humanity. The ship consists of a giant hollow ball topped by a bridge module, and 4 nacelles at the bottom; 3 shorter sublight ones arranged in a triangular formation around a longer supralight engine.


The Titan, mankind's last hope for a planet, as she appeared in a concept sketch.


The Titan has 3 turrets, which she used to attempt to defend her hiding place, the Ice Rings of Tigrin, after waking from her 15-year slumber. These turrets were destroyed by the Drej, who managed to copy Cale Tucker's map.


The Titan was built by Samuel Tucker in 3028 as a hope for restoring the human species. He hid the ship under a barn in Pierce, Colorado. The Drej knew about this, and proceeded to Earth aboard a massive ship called the Alahanena. This ship centered itself above Earth's north pole and fired a beam at it, causing the planet to spin fast enough that centrifugal force overpowered gravity. Shortly before Earth blew apart, Sam sent his creation on a journey to a new hiding place, and died during the trip. Before his demise, Sam recorded a holographic message for Cale, explaining that he died before he could return to him.

Planetary Creation Process

The Titan makes a planet by shooting out three beams of powerful energy.
Planetary creation

The planetary creation process at work.

These beams sweep all material around the ship inward, creating a gravity well. This pulls all material to a central point, causing it to coalesce into a hot clump of molten matter. Then enough of the material gathers up, and a new planet is born! The Titan, having served her purpose, falls onto the planet, never to be used again. She is a futuristic equivalent of Noah's Ark, carrying genetic material for every plant and animal which once resided upon Earth.
Birth of a new planet

A new planet is born, courtesy of the Titan.

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