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The Valkyrie, as it enters Sesharrim.

Sesharrim is a planet in the Titan A.E. universe. It is part of the Spiral Arm.

Overview Edit

Sesharrim is a distant world in the Spiral Arm, not known about or visited by many travellers.

The planet Sesharrim is a ruddy-red colour, covered mostly in oceans of red liquid. It has a thin atmosphere, which is breathable to humans and the native Gaoul.

Sesharrim's surface is mostly rocky, comprised mainly of islands made of black rock. Some of the islands contain ruined monuments, possibly former cities of the Gaoul. It is hinted that the planet was once devastated by the Drej, but not to the point of total annihilation.

The planet also has two unnamed moons, one of which has a large piece missing either from a past Drej attack or from a collision with a larger celestial body eons ago. As a result, this moon was given the nickname "The Broken Moon" by Sam Tucker and used as part of the first clue to find the Titan.

Flora and Fauna Edit

Sesharrim is the home of the Gaoul, a bat-like species who allied with Sam Tucker during his development of the Titan, and his mission to hide it.

Sesharrim's oceans are also covered in "Hydrogen Trees", large globes that are prone to explode once breached.

Titan Development Edit

Sesharrim was the place where Sam Tucker learnt of the technologies that could be used to develop the Titan Project. During his stay, he developed a bond of trust with the Gaoul, and left them with a message to help guide Cale on the search for the Titan.

Valkyrie Visit Edit

The crew of the Valkyrie visit Sesharrim during their hunt for the Titan, as it is a checkpoint on Sam's map. Cale is summoned by the Gaoul leader and shown to raise his hand toward the Broken Moon, which (when Cale's hand is aligned so that three stars are between his fingers underneath the moon) programmes the map's compass to point to the Andali Nebula, the hiding place of the Titan.