Po is the name of an alien who works on Tau-14, who

Po and Firrikash

Firrikash (left) and Po surrounding Cale Tucker.

bullies Cale Tucker. His character is voiced by Ken Hudson Campbell.

Po's species is unknown. He has stalk-like eyes and a face resembling a snail. He also has two pairs of legs, tendril-like arms and two coattail-like limbs flowing from his back.

In 16 AE, Po is known to have a grudge on Cale, picking a fight with him in the habitation decks after a lunch break. Cale had irritated Po previously, pushing in front of him during the line-up to lunch. Po held Cale back while his friend Firrikash beat Cale. Their fight was interrupted by the entering Joseph Korso.

Appearances Edit

Titan A.E.

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