The primary small craft of the Drej, the Stinger has a very aggressive appearance. Its design consists of a small central fuselage suspended between two long "arms", which contribute to the aggressiveness of the design. The ship almost has the appearance of an insect. Its "crystalline" appearance is one of the most recognizable in sci-fi history.

The Stinger craft are primarily used for small-scale combat, but are also known to serve as a scouting vehicle for the Drej.

Drej ship

A Drej Stinger in flight, banking to starboard.

Thousands upon thousands of Stingers can be deployed from the mothership Alahenena, "absorbing" into its decks when parked.

When the Alahenena arrives and positions itself over a planet, the Stingers return to the mothership to prepare its "planet-buster" beam. This beam requires all of the ships' total collective energies; hance their return. It is thought that these vessels, as well as the Alahenena, are powered by material from a white dwarf star.

The inside of a Drej Stinger is divided into two sections: the cockpit, where the pilot and copilot sit, and a prison cell for any abducted lifeforms.

The ship also has a tractor-beam emitter on its underside used for abducting people and objects (as seen during the chase on Sesharrim). Piloting one of the Stinger ships is achieved by manipulating its movements via two sensory panels in the ship's cockpit.

Any communication system between the Drej Stingers is unknown, but it is known that they do receive messages directly from the Drej Queen herself. However, when Cale Tucker commandeers one of the Drej Stingers during his escape from Alahenena, he manages to alert the crew of the Valkyrie by hacking into its navigation system via the Stinger's sensory panels.